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We Have What R & D and Technical Managers Need!
  • do you have a regular need for patent information
  • no time to do your own patent searching
  • cannot afford searches done by patent attorneys
  • want to be able to claim "attorney-client privilege" for any search results that you order
  • want to deal with an online service that's absolutely trustworthy
If you think any of the above statements applies to you, then we believe that you've found the patent search provider you can trust, that can meet your needs, and that can grow as you grow. Meet services, the online site that allows you to select your searcher based on their experience and to benefit from attorney-client privilege.

Our Benefits

We appreciate the importance of your obtaining accurate patent information at the earliest possible stage in the development of your project. With timely patent information, one can avoid wasted time and money reinventing the wheel, and in defending an infringement suit with a competitor. Consistent with our mission statement of providing the client with the patent information he needs to make strategic decisions, we're creating this network of patent searchers pre-qualified to serve your interests.

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When you apply to become a client member of the network, we must first review your application to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with current clients. Therefore, you are not a client of Da Vinci Partners until you are accepted as a client by Da Vinci Partners. We'll inform you of this, of course.

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describe your task and set a deadline
pay in advance via credit card
then, if your project description is adequate (if not, we'll work with you to better define the search), our patent info professional will perform the search.

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